Yahoo hack worse than expected: 3 billion users affected.

Yahoo hack 2013

Three billion. Three F*CKING of billions of Yahoo users were affected by Yahoo’s hack in 2013. The end result therefore includes ALL users of the former web giant. That’s 45 times the French population.

When the loophole was exposed, the number of affected accounts reached more than one billion, without being able to accurately estimate the exact number. At that time, the data exposed were email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, passwords, and answers to security questions. Collecting all this personal information per user would have allowed access to other accounts used on other sites.

Verizon, Yahoo’s new parent company, has confirmed that the first estimates of the fault were a bit low.
Subsequent to Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo, and during its integration, the company recently obtained new information and now believes, based on investigations with the assistance of external experts, that all Yahoo users were affected by the August 2013 piracy,”said Verizon’s online statement.

Since then, Yahoo has never been able to regain the hearts of many of its users. Not only because of the extent of the breach left to pirates, but also because it took too long for the company to announce this hack.

In the same timing as the Equifax scandal (143 million consumers), Yahoo’s hack, although it took place in 2013, is the world’s largest data leakage.

More than ever, the relationship between brands and consumers will be based on trust. Naturally, this will of course involve the protection of personal data.