Microsoft Edge now available as a preview on iOS and Android

Microsft Edge Android iOS
Microsoft announces the Microsoft Edge beta on iOS and Android, as well as a new application launcher.

Microsoft Edge finally makes its debut on iOS and Android. The browser, which Microsoft launched at the same time as Windows 10, is a sexier alternative to Internet Explorer. And since its launch, the Redmond firm has continued to promote it, which has sometimes even led to accusations.


Until now, Microsoft Edge was only available on Windows

In a blog post, Redmond’s company announces the upcoming arrival of the mobile browser on the iOS and Android operating systems.

“As of today, iOS users can test the application in preview via Apple TestFlight, and Android users can sign up to be one of the first to test the application in preview that will soon be available,”. With these iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Edge, Redmond’s company wants to offer a consistent experience between PC and mobile.

Since Windows 10 mobile never broke through, most Microsoft Edge PC users use another browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox on their smartphones.

Today, if they want to use Microsoft Edge, they will be able to use the same browser on all their devices, which allows them to synchronize preferences.

This synchronization between the mobile and PC versions also makes it possible to have a “continuous on PC” functionality with which it is possible to open a page on your mobile phone, and to continue reading it on a computer. A feature that Google Chrome does not offer directly, but that you can still have by installing extensions like Pushbullet.

Microsoft Launcher, the evolution of Arrow Launcher

In addition to the announcement of the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Edge, the Redmond company also announced a new application launcher, but only for Android. This is an evolution of Arrow, an application launcher that Microsoft has been offering through its “Garage” for some time now.

As you might expect, the Microsoft launcher allows you to give a little Windows 10 look, with a familiar graphical language and a custom workflow.

But what will make the application really interesting is the smartphone/PC synchronization that Microsoft will offer users: “Microsoft Launcher has been designed to make it easier for you to keep your work going, whether it’s photos, documents and more, on your PC”.