Meet the Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

It was more than expected and it’s now official, Google took advantage of the Google Pixel 2 launch conference to launch Google Home Mini, a smaller version of Google Home.

All the characteristics we expected were confirmed. With 3 colors and a price of 49$ in the USA, the Google Home Mini goes straight to the Amazon Echo Dot. Google wants to multiply the Assistants present at home, and the Mini is designed to fit in all rooms with a more sober design than the classic model.

For the rest, he takes over all the features of his older brother. We hope one thing, that in such a small form factor Google has managed to create a good sound experience, which is THE big weakness of its competitor the Echo Dot.

The Google Home Mini will be available on October 19th.

Google Home will be able to manage several users

Important announcement of the Ask More conference : the Voice Match feature. It allows to manage several users, whose Assistant is able to recognize the specificities of voices. Google Home will respond according to the user, and be able to use several Google accounts, several calendars, etc.

The Mountain View firm also announced Google Home Max, which I will return to in another article tonight. What is your opinion on Home Mini? Give us your impressions in the comments.