Internet of Things: an animation to understand everything

Internet of Things

Everybody talks about the Internet of Things. This new movement can be complex to apprehend for a neophyte. Thanks to this beautiful interactive animation, we have access to a simple explanation of what the internet of objects is.

The animation being in English, here is a short summary of each part. The introduction presents the evolution of the Internet (computers, mobiles and connected objects). The “networked world” tab presents the different categories of the Internet of objects (home, cities, transport, wearables, health…). By clicking on each circle, you will be able to see examples such as connected watches, connected light bulbs, or connected pillboxes.

You then have a summary of the different market statistics, in which we learn for example that the IOT market will multiply by 6 by 2020. The innovations tab presents some possible applications thanks to the connected objects.


The “the players” tab is particularly interesting and presents, sorted by categories, the companies that influence the market. The last part of the animation identifies the challenges facing the IOT market, in which security and respect for privacy are, not surprisingly, to be found.

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