Instagram launches polls for stories and improves creation

instagram stories polls

Stories are the future of the Facebook group’s social networks. In order to allow its users to create more animation with their friends or fans, Instagram launches story polls.

Imagine a brand that allows you to vote on the next flavor of its fruit juice, an influence that lets you vote on its outfit, or its hairstyle… Barely launched, many programmers have already proposed surveys to their subscribers.

The use is very simple. When you create a story, click the icon to add stickers or locations. You will see a “polls” pictogram appear. “The two basic answers he will propose are: yes or no.

instagram stories polls

To accompany this new development, Instagram took the opportunity to improve its story creation tool. For example, markers will appear to tell you that you are right in the middle of the image, or delimit the borders of the image.

Another cool thing: a color picker! When you add a drawing in pencil, or text, you will have the possibility to use a pipette to choose a color from your photo and not the palette proposed by Instagram.

instagram tools stories

Between surveys and these new tools to create more engaging stories, Instagram, and the Facebook group has a larger scale, really intends to make it a key part of its platform. At the same time, stories are the new news feed.