An initiative to promote free Wi-Fi in Europe

free wifi europe

After my daily monitoring of the Anglo-Saxon news, I came across this information. Where should I put this European Union initiative through the Commission: free Wi-Fi connectivity in public places such as parks, squares, public buildings, hospitals, etc.? In short, public space in general.

Because connectivity must benefit everyone, so no matter where you live or what your salary level is. Today, we propose to equip every village and city in Europe with free wireless internet access around the main centres of public life by 2020,” Jean-Claude Juncker – Speech on the state of the Union in September 2016.

The WIFI4U initiative has been allocated a budget of €120 million for the period 2017-2019. This sum will benefit approximately 8,000 municipalities in the European Union by 2020. WIFI4U aims to set up Wi-Fi equipment in public spaces to enable citizens to access an efficient and free connection. Some of you will say that many public spaces have Wi-Fi access (more or less efficient). But it’s forgetting that they ask you to check a discreet box that makes you accept to receive, let’s face it, spam. This should not be the case with WIFI4U.

In terms of operation, local government agencies will be required to register for the program. The latter will finance equipment and installation costs, while organizations will pay for Internet subscription to providers (FIA) and maintenance for at least three years. Indeed, the European Union encourages public bodies to develop their own digital services.

Some EU countries such as Estonia are ahead of schedule on this issue. Internet access is registered in their constitution and the capital is equipped with Wi-Fi access for residents and people passing through. The country is also on track to beat its own crypto currency.