Google launches an online tool to entertain you with the machine learning

machine learning google

Mountain View’s firm is still amazing and impressing us. In an article, Google presented a tool to play with the machine learning.

The concept is simple and will only use your webcam to run the application. You will have three situations that will activate three different actions. These three actions can be the launching of a GIF, playing a sound, or having a word uttered by a synthetic voice. All this, thanks to the machine learning.

machine learning google
Example of a situation created: show a fruit

As for the three situations, you will have to act in three different ways in front of your webcam. For example: raise your hand, smile, open your mouth wide. For each situation, Google’s artificial intelligence will retain a series of clichés that will create an example 1 that will activate action 1.

If two of your situations are too close, when you activate the device we will see a percentage of certainty gauge vary.

I find this tool very well designed, but also very playful. Explaining to students or people of all ages how the machine learning works is not a simple thing. Offering an application that is easy to use and operate can only be welcomed.

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