Facebook tests facial recognition as a means of authentication

Facebook facial recognition

This information is relayed again on Twitter by Matt Navarra, the head of the social media department at TheNextWeb. The latter shared a screenshot of his mobile phone with the current test: facial recognition as a means of authentication on Facebook.

Two-factor authentication, which Facebook had been putting in place for some years, was already known. This system allows you to secure your account by transmitting a code via the mobile application and then logging on to a desktop version. A means of ensuring that the person is the profile in question. There is also on the mobile phone, authentication with the sending of a code by SMS. To do this, you must enter your phone number. This is sometimes required to access professional features on Facebook (advertising account management, etc.).

Facial recognition allows you to add a third option to make your account more secure with the professional pages attached if it is the case. For many social media managers, their profile gives them access to their Business Manager and thus to advertising accounts (payment methods) and Facebook pages (customers).

If facial recognition can be diverted through a photograph, Facebook can be trusted to find a solution and secure it properly. This reminds us of his artificial intelligence capable of accurately analyzing a photograph or visual shared on the social network. We can also think of one of the features presented for iPhone X recently.