Facebook to test another action against sources of misinformation

Facebook anti fake news
Facebook is testing a new feature that could help users avoid fake news sources.

Since Donald Trump’s victory in the U. S. presidential election, disinformation on social networks has become one of the media’s favourite topics. And Facebook, which has been accused of helping Trump by letting fake news spread on its platform, has begun to chain up new measures to help users to better inform themselves.

For example, when an article on Facebook is being contradicted by a fact-checking organization, links are marked with a red flag. The social network has also gone on a hunt for fake accounts and recently, the company’s CEO finally admitted that Facebook was used to influence the election in the United States.

More information about a source

Today, Facebook is announcing a test that will allow users to better verify their sources and get a better idea of the context of an article. This is a small information button, placed near the links, that allows the user to have additional information without having to search other websites.

This information comes from Facebook, but also from Wikipedia. Facebook also provides suggestions for articles on the same topic, as well as information about how content is shared on the social network. If some information is missing, Facebook also tells the user, which may encourage users to think before sharing the link.

But for the moment, it’s just a test. And according to the social network team, it will continue to collect user feedback and work with the media.

This new measure is announced when just a few days ago, Facebook was accused by the American president of being an anti-Trump platform.